Saturday, January 1, 2011

Seven in 2011

So already, its resolution time.  I like the idea of resolutions; I know a lot of people think they're silly, and that if you want to change something in your life you shouldn't wait until  the first of the year, and give up if it doesn't work out right away.

But having a concrete start date and a concrete amount of time to work on it is helpful for me.  So new year's resolutions it is.

I think the best way for me to do this resolution deal is to make general goals now, and each month specify exactly what those goals mean and build on them.  I also feel like this is my last semester to build habits, since next fall will be crazy with the start of law school.

The seven in 2011 thing is pretty cute, so I think I'll stick to seven!

1.  make time for physical activity 

I love how completely refreshed I feel after yoga, so I'm resolving to do more of that.  Also, two summers ago I was a running fiend.  And even last summer, I was decently committed to it.  I loved running, but it's fallen away since then.  It's time to get it back.

2.  eat out less, cook more

this one is a little vague because i think i need to work into it.   I eat out a lot, and I know its expensive, I have no idea what's going into my food.  Plus I love grocery shopping, and making things I can feel really good about eating.  

3.  be organized

every semester i start off very well, but by the end i'm scrambling to find things.  not this one!
essentials: moleskine planner, binders, label maker.  
plus keep the fridge and pantry organized so i know what i have and i don't end up a. wasting things, or b. eating out and harming goal #2!

4.  develop impeccable habits

these are a combination of hygiene and healthy habits and include:  waterpik + retainer usage, complete face system usage (i now own all the essentials for skincare.  now i just need to use them consistently), daily 2L water drinking and green tea drinking, limited sugar intake.

5.  be clean

last week my mom and i did a deep cleaning of my apartment.  by monday january 3rd, thanks to the change your life challenge #2, i'll be removing 20+ things from my life.  so now i just need to keep the cleanliness up.  this includes changing pillow cases frequently, keeping clutter to a minimum, and

6.  do it now

this one is snatched from gretchen ruben, author of the happiness project, but i think its perfect.  i like to put things off a lot, and procrastinating will not allow me to accomplish all the other goals of mine.

7.  find time for me

this means read books, paint nails, dance around the room to ke$ha, watch glee and greys with the girls, and movies with the bf.

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