Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Unofficial Start of 2011

My 2011 Moleskine Weekly Notebook Planner (which I very luckily purchased before amazon no longer had them in stock thanks to a fear-inducing search that only had them available for $80+!) starts the week of January 1.  Which is today.

So I figured, it was a good day to start fresh.  I've always found New Years Day to be a little difficult to start off resolutions.  You've been up late the night before, likely drinking some sort of fizzy alcoholic beverage, and probably don't have the motivation to work out, eat healthy, or be productive.  So today, December 27, when I had little to do, is the perfect day. 

I ate a fiber-ful breakfast (Trader Joe's High Fiber Cereal mixed with TJ's Triple Berry-O's), channeled my inner Black Swan with the New York City Ballet Company Work Out, continued to be a horrendous crochet-er, finished Eat, Pray, Love after having started it years ago, and even used my kiwi scrub on my face, and my waterpik twice. 

To be honest, who knows how long I can keep this healthy eating, exercising, superb personal hygiene thing up, but I think today is definitely a good start.

Oh yeah, and I wrote my first blog post.  I think its a very good unofficial start to 2011 indeed.

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