Thursday, February 23, 2012

40 days of running.

Law school is the worst.

Spare minutes are spent pinning on pinterest, catching up on crappy reality tv, and running of course.

my lenten goals are pretty blog-worthy though, so i'm going to attempt to pick this baby up again, at least just to keep myself accountable.

plus i have an iPhone and instagram now, which i think makes blogging a bit easier (although it means my poor rebel is quite neglected)

so here's the exciting-ness:

1. 13+ miles by Easter. 
Marathon 2012, here I come. 
I have a plan that even includes a cut-back week. I got this.

2. Vegan 5 days a week.
no red meat.
my motivation on this one is a combination of health reasons and environmental impact reasons.

I think these goals are super do-able, I just need to completely commit. Which I will do.

and to kick off the 13+ miles by easter goal I have this awesome run from yesterday:

I have a new running buddy who rocks at pushing me. I adore her.

So running, healthy eating, and law school. I can do this.

How have you all been?! What's new and exciting?!


  1. awww i'm glad to see you're still alive. =\ i miss you! i got into medical school... at a few places! i'm probably going to uva though! :) - icephantom from LJ

  2. So are you saying vegan 5 days a week, and no red meat any day? Just wanted to understand. I'm sure you'll do great at that goal!

  3. interested to see how eating vegan goes!