Thursday, May 30, 2013

This was May

So many things have happened since last blog post.

Let’s hit them bullet style:

  •  Ran a half marathon. PR’ed, but just barely (we’re talking 2 minutes 1 second here). I also managed to get 6th in my age group. It was a small race. All the fast runners were in the age group up from me.
  • Finished 2L year. One final, one paper, a crapton of clinic stuff to wrap up. It was stressful, but I did it. Only one more year of law school!
  •   Moved to Chicago. Yes, chitown for the summer. Weather has been uncooperative towards my love so far, but I’ll get there.
    • also, must note that I moved in 3 blocks away from a lululemon store. trouble trouble trouble.
  •  I’m doing real environmental lawyer-y things this summer and I love it. It’s great actually advocating for the things I care about, and while I’m not yet seeing results, I really think I will. And that’s so exciting.
  • Got really serious about marathon training. Plan is made, runs are getting checked off, strength training is getting done.
  •  Spent one weekend spending as much money on cardio accessories as I possibility could. (See new running shoes, new spinning shoes, all the vanilla gu)

So things got a little crazy, but life is good. Expect weekly training recaps, randomness, food posts, and the complete marathon training plan in all its excel sheet glory soon.

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