Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Marathon Training Weeks #6 and 7

we can blame the blog absence on the presence of my boyfriend for a week and a half. I can also blame my shoddy running schedule keeping on him.

but regardless, the running has been a little sporadic, and shoddy, but i have no more crazy trips planned for the next few weeks, and a bunch of races on the schedule. so i'm sticking to it, here on out.

so, Marathon Training Week #6

Monday - spin. 50 minutes. the usual, nothing spectacular here.
Tuesday - AM run. The problem with being two weeks behind on a training recap. you dont remember what your runs are like. so let's just throw down some garmin numbers and call it good. It apparently was fast though? 5 miles/8:08
Wednesday - yoga. 60 minutes
Thursday - travel day/off. traveled to see the boo! watched awesome fireworks! slept in a tent! good times all around.
Friday - 2 miles. lame, i know. cut short because i was having body issues. 2 miles/8:54
Saturday - the rest of friday's intended 4-5 miler. this short run was followed by a large smoothie and new running tops and gu because i intelligently forgot to pack running tops, and didnt feel like doing a long run in a cotton tee. 3.25 miles/8:34
Sunday - 8ish mile long run. no garmin. just me and michigan state's (ick) campus. in all honesty though, east lansing isn't bad. I have a way of finding paths along the water, and this was no different. ran along the cedar river, encountered ducks, swans, herons, and other runners. oh and this run-inspired graffiti.

are you saying its a good thing I didn't run with my garmin?

Total: 18 miles

Marathon Training Week #7

Monday - OFF
Tuesday - these were hot sticky high humidity miles. I didn't bring water, and stopped just about every mile for water. 6 miles/8:42
Wednesday - OFF
Thursday - double header. just shy of 3 miles run, and 60 minutes of yoga.  2.88 miles/8:37
Friday - evening speedwork. last week I really struggled with garmin functionality. I hit start/stop instead of lap, and then there was no first yasso recorded. oh well. 4.5 miles/8:21 
Saturday  - OFF
Sunday - Home miles. 12 on the Ann Arbor stomping grounds. Arb, to huron river trail, and back. these were good miles, except for that part around mile 5 when I stopped in a clearing and got ATTACKED by bugs. It was absurd, and I was freaking the eff out because I didn't know what kind of bugs they were or what they were going to do to me. Turns out they were going to bite me UNDER MY BRA. wtf bugs. you suck. 12 miles/9:00

Total: 24 miles

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