Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mat Madness with Lululemon Ann Arbor

This March I participated in Mat Madness through my local lululemon.

It involved going to 5 yoga classes over the month of March, signing in, and attending all 5 classes meant that I was going to get my hands on a the mat. for free. 

The first class was a Vie, also the studio where I spin every week. They opened a new location in January, with a lot of natural light and gorgeous hardwood floors. The yoga class there was great! I think I'll be heading back this summer once my unlimited pass at another studio is up.

The second class was at Yogacentric in Saline. I loved this class as well. Challenging in the best way - our instructor encouraged us to practice with our eyes closed, something I almost never do, because my balance is just not that great. It was an awesome challenge.

The third class was an in store yoga class at the lululemon store. Again, a great, challenging class. It was taught by Rickita Henderson who was great! 

Our fourth class was at b young b fit with Dominique. It was billed as "gentle yoga" which is how I mentally prepared myself -- so I was slightly surprised when it was a bit more like a vinyasa flow. Not that I was complaining. It was a great flow, with a bit of variation on your typical sun A and sun B.

photo credit: b young b fit facebook page

The finale was a Go W/ the Flow class with Tori and Ben. This was my second go w/ the flow class - I attended their class for lululemon's grand opening in the fall. Ben provides live music, and Tori leads yoga class. They are fantastic. 

photo credit: lululemon/NicGatlin Photography

I was delighted to find out that their music and classes are available online - it will be my new go-to at-home yoga practice! As they said on their facebook page, it was a true lesson in going with the flow, when the original venue and another venue didnt work out before we were able to find a place to practice.

photo credit: lululemon/NicGatlin Photography

The only downside was that the class was scheduled during the Michigan basketball game. Which we proceeded to lose. I'm pretty sure I cursed under my breath when the CBS score alert popped up.

So after my 5 classes, it was time to get a mat.

I picked one of the limited edition chakra mats, and conveniently its first use was another lesson in going with the flow.

It was a perfectly gorgeous day - sunny and warm. possibly the first of 2014.

And thus Jessie, the instructor decided to hold class outside. So we did.

And the chakra mat got its inaugural use outside in the sunshine.

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