Wednesday, July 3, 2013

6 steps to successful morning running

6 steps to Successful Morning Running

1. go to bed early

I know, the 10PM bed hour makes you feel like you're 70. But it is so much easier to wake up in the morning when you've had a full night of sleep, and it makes your run better. so just do it.

2. get together all your running things

this is something that has foiled runs for me. Take this morning for example. I knew I needed my handy ipod shuffle, Elle Woods, for my run.

So I pulled it out of its basket-full of electronics home. And then buried it in my bed, so I was searching for it for 10 minutes this morning. and then leaving one of the silicon earbud thingies in my bed so i had to go back for it. WASTE OF TIME LAUREN.

3. prep for the next day
breakfast, lunch, outfit.

When these things are figured out the night before, getting ready in the morning is infinitely easier. I'm not always so great at this, but it definitely helps.

4. go to bed in your running clothes

not only are most running clothes super comfy, but they also are nice to not have to figure out in the dark in the morning.

you're probably sensing a trend by this point. One of the keys to morning run success is allowing myself to sleep in as late as possible and be as efficient with time as possible.

5. snack before your run (or don't)

some mornings I don't need/want a snack and other times I do. Do what works best for you, and don't feel like there's and fast rule on this one. because there isn't.

6. run

And then get out there and run. Know that you are out there getting your heartrate up before the day even really begins. Enjoy the sun coming up, the cool breeze, and the joy of running!

tuesday morning run scenes

that gorgeous lake


  1. Love these tips! I have to get everything ready the night before...workout stuff, food for the following day and ideally outfit for the day! Makes the morning so much easier.

  2. Very good tips! I try to go to bed a little bit earlier than 10, ironically it's after 10PM ET right now. The earlier I can get out there and finish up my run, the better...the heat and humidity is unbearable.

    While I do not sleep in my running clothes I do have them laid out, ready for a solid workout.

    Food - if I'm going out for less than an hour I can live on some black coffee and a sip of water. If it's more than an hour, I need something, like a graham cracker and nutella. :)