Thursday, January 30, 2014

Things I love Thursday

So of course when I was writing last week's post, I forgot possibly the best thing about winter running -- SO MANY POCKETS. thanks to the bazillion layers you must wear, you're bound to have plentiful places to store your goodies (keys, ID, ipod, water, etc.). On my run on Monday I had SEVEN pockets. possibly excessive, but definitely awesome. Summer running? so not conducive to bringing anything along with you. winter running? total opposite.

Onward. It's thursday, so let's talk about what I'm loving:

Macbook Air
my old bulky 15 inch macbook pro was in struggle city at the end of last semester, and into this semester. its also incredibly heavy. no bueno.
and so i budgeted for the semester, and determined that I can safely purchase a macbook air and not have to eat ramen for every meal.
YAYNESS. its super fast, and super light and I'm in love.

easy DIY's
example 1: cork strip from wine bottles. I may not have categorized this as easy had it not been for the bf's knife/cork cutting skillz, but once the corks were boiled (this is the key! let them puff up with water and they're so much easier to cut without losing a finger), and sliced in half, I just hot glue and go.

Another new favorite DIY is washi-tapeing everything. Especially my chargers. Look how adorable it is!

Also printing out these charger covers - also so adorable and most of all EASY.

Also these little flower things that I've been planning to make for ages, but I haven't. so now I made them. and they're adorable.

thanks megan for this wonder of a salad beast -- its a twist on a cobb salad that is omg perfect. also, didn't even add cheese and didnt even miss it. now that's impressive. Also I made her vanilla party cupcakes which i didnt photograph but were really fantastic.

really really pretty donuts

being "laid-back"
Having such a poor grasp on your schedule that you wake up early thinking you have reading to finish and you dont. twice. Yes, I am that brilliant. #YO3LO. aka, i'm a last semester law student, and that firm grasp on the schedule isn't so important.

And finally something I don't love -- waiting for this baby to ship.

It has only been 18 days since I ordered my Whitney English Day Designer. But I obsessively check etsy EVERY DAY to see if by some chance it is shipping early (spoiler alert: its not). It's not even scheduled to ship for another MONTH, but I will still check away every day. pathetic me. But seriously, so excited for this. I have been very loyally dedicated to my moleskine since high school. But this could change everything. more updates to come, obviously.

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  1. Don't give up on early shipping! I ordered a pair of jeans once because they were super on sale but said they were shipping my size in April… I got them a few weeks later.

    I'm jealous of your donuts. Have you tried eating them pre-run? Think about it… glucose, carbs, fat… just saying. They look delicious. :)