Thursday, May 7, 2015

Things I Love Thursday #17: cinco de mayo, lansing lugnuts

lansing lugnuts games on a saturday night
The weather over the weekend was perfect. So J, B, and I headed to the lansing lugnuts game. the lugnuts are a minor league baseball team, and their game saturday night was so fun. fireworks, food, beer. perfect weather. go nuts! (also this is the incredible team song)

celebrating cinco de mayo (and uno, and seis)
i've been eating all the mexican food. I made jessica's strawberry margaritas and carnitas nachos. so so so good.

little loves: new skimm swag | maizey finding a spot in the grass that she loves to roll in like this | puppy play dates | 14 mile runs followed by ice baths | flexcity and lunch with the bff | flextreme challenge | winning ebay auctions | starting to gather prints for a gallery wall | emily mcdowell's empathy cards

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