Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Highlights



Meet Maizey an adorable adorable mutt that I now get to call my own. Right now she is just the sweetest softest thing who spends a lot of time just hanging out and snuggling. which I LOVE. She is newly spayed, so she can't do a lot right now, but once she's fully healed, there will be some exploring and walks in our future! If you love her as much as I do, you can follow her on instagram: @MaizeytheMutt


10K Sunday Runday

A set of speedy, 6 and change miles that left me feeling good the whole time. Despite being a little dehydrated, they were consistent miles that felt good the whole way through. It was especially great coming off of my Tuesday miles -- a super fast, super great feeling chilly 5K around the hometown. love.


Getting so close to 100 skimm'vities. If somehow you read this blog, but don't read the skimm. that has got to change. Please sign up at They also just put out a super informative midterm election guide. Oh and they re-instagrammed my photo and thus gave me my first touch of 100+ likes. oh to be famous.


Candy Corn Nails. Thanks to my october julep maven box, I had the perfect polishes to create and rock the candy corn striped nails. awesome and awesome.

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  1. I've heard so much about Skimm! Will have to check it out.