Thursday, February 19, 2015

TiLT #6: go w/ the flow, station eleven, austin half marathon

Station Eleven

this book is fantastic. Post-apocalyptic post-pandemic that takes place in post-apocalyptic michigan of all places! I read it over the course of 5 days and looooved it. It was great to see how all the characters intertwined, and its not a strictly chronological story, but it worked better that way. Seriously 5/5, go read it now! 

Austin Half Marathon Shirt

source: justanothermrunner on insta

i am in love with this race shirt. even if this race was my PW, and a swift kick in the butt saying "hey maybe you actually do need to train for things like half marathons," this shirt will be great and awesome and a fantastic reminder that working hard gets results. not "occasionally running." 

go w/ the flow sweatshirt

source: youniquejes on insta

so yes, just like i mentioned in my 31 days of go w/ the flow review, i am in love with this sweatshirt. i am temporarily using a fellow go w/ the flow'er insta picture, but will update with my picture soon. my sweatshirt is totally the same except it is in the very-much-in burgundy color. 

little loves: eating everything cheesy and sweet and carby over the weekend and now cutting that all out --> no bread or sweets for lent | parenthood (starting it up at season 4. forgot how much i loved it. can't wait to get the the finale) | traveling | drinking outside in february | seeing all kinds of adorable puppies | yoga followed by beers | humidifier

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