Thursday, February 12, 2015

TiLT #5

Return of Scandal

although my response to the episode can be found in a series of live-tweets (, that show how freaking INSANE that show was I am so excited for it to be back. need lots and lots more olivia pope in my life.

Day Designer Mini

I very very tragically left my day designer at trader joe's in ann arbor yesterday. but luckily i also purchased the day designer mini. so all is not lost, and i still have a hour by hour look at my day with top three's a running to-do list, and a download section. score. And i will retrieve the day designer from ann arbor tomorrow. so all is definitely not lost.


to be honest its kind of a love/hate, but it is insanely pretty, and Maizey loveloveloves it! She will stick her face into a pile of snow and sniff and dig, and she just plows through it, snow flying everywhere (please see IG video here)

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Little Loves: sugar paper planner | new washi tape | trader joes (just in general, I love that store) | deconstructed BLT | lunch w/ boo |

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