Thursday, January 29, 2015

TiLT #4

Parks and Recreation


I am destined to be the saddest when this show is over. Season 7 is involving everything I love though. JJ's, Perd. Treat yo self. It is so so so good.

Girls Night 

and the Crazy Conversations when the large group dwindles to 4. Round-Robin style, where we harass everyone. Drinks and getting ready and Sava's and Bar Louie because it was close and cold outside.

Now I watch what Maizey does all day long while I'm at work. It's good to know she's not distressed in her crate, and that she's only howling like a banshee and disrupting my neighbors occasionally. and luckily she's the cutest ever when she sleeps. [heart eyes emoji]

Little Loves: Broad City | Long Runs | how did this get made (thanks kate) | unexpected free time during weekday daylight hours | talking about M | R.B.G. tickets | dry shampoo (batiste and triple sec)

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