Sunday, January 25, 2015

TiLT #3 (On Sunday)

go w/ the flow

on saturday (1/17) i got to spend one of my "31 days of go w/ the flow" live with tori and ben at lululemon grand rapids. I dragged along a law school friend who is currently living in the GR area (it was essentially her first vinyasa yoga class, and i think she really liked it! so yay for that!). Loved practicing with so many awesome ladies ... and dudes! Thanks for coming to Michigan go w/ the flow! We love having you! :)

trader joe's cookie butter cookies

hello diet ruiners in a box. I love love these sandwiches. not super sweet, not overpowering in the cookie butter department, appropriately tasting butter cookies. pretty much perfection.

wazelle long sleeve and the five miles I ran in it

picked up this shirt at the playmakers sale, and ran in it on Monday. It's the wazelle long sleeve made by oiselle (all pronounced the same, unsurprisingly). Its a great great long sleeve running top -- wore it in low 30s weather on Monday by itself and felt good the whole time. well temperature wise. and lack of chaffing. but it was my first outdoor run since the great "rolling my foot on an unruly fat stick" incident of boxing day 2014. There were times when it was hard to catch my breath and times when my legs were a little upset, but overall it was a good 5 miles. which is really good, because I'm running a half in less than a month. eeeee. 

being the scrabble winner

J and I have been playing scrabble as our evening activity of choice since we are no longer being typical law students and going out until 2AM on the weekends. I have been kicking butt. and i loooove it.

little loves: a clean apartment | freshly laundered everything | buddy's pizza | trader joe's runs | puppy snuggles | love with a chance of drowning | a bluetooth FM transmitter for my car -- makes long car rides totally podcast friendly for my aux jack-less car

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