Thursday, January 8, 2015

TiLT 2015 #1: make29 resolution, day designer

Things I Love Thursday!

it's back!

image from: make29
Paid $4 for this download and it is making me accountable for flossing every day in 2014. or close to every day. but we're on day 8 and I'm 7/8 (only because i floss at night). sometimes i do it while i'm on the phone with my boyfriend who is sadly driving home very late, because he is sadly rocking that (public interest) firm life. sometimes i do it while maizey stares at me inquisitively, and hesitantly because bathrooms are scary places where baths happens, and you never know when you're going to get tricked into a bath. but EVERY day i'm flossin'.

Easy Dinners

In the past week I've made:
No recipe chicken fajitas (i toss onions and peppers in my dutch oven. cook until desired softness. then in goes chicken. cook chicken until done. heat up some corn tortillas. pull out salsa, gauc. dig in)
portobello fajitas (also totally planned to make the queso but then realized i had bought gouda instead of fontina at trader joes. damn you same red rind)
turkey chili (made with quinoa, and didnt add the fresh salsa. added a bottle of honey brown beer for extra liquid)

Such great dinners -- so easy. Which is really just the best part.

image from: the grommet

Here I am again, singing its praises. I've been diligently cataloging my to-do lists and events/appointments/dailies etc in this, and I am still in love. I also recently ordered the mini, which is a smaller undated version of the regular day designer. It was kind of an impulse purchase, but I'm thinking because it's undated, there's no "feeling bad" if I don't use it right away. Because I surely will use it. Even if it has to be an in-between planner, or if, god-forbid, day designers stop being made, I can have that.

Also Whitney is just incredible. This year I also purchased the well-designed year, which is a more in depth evaluation of your goals and how to achieve them. I haven't gotten far, but what I have done has been so so great. Also there was a small fiasco on the most recent release day, and a lot of people freaked out about it, and Whitney's response was so classy and real and it just made me love her even more. So thanks Whitney!

Little Loves: trader joe's beet hummus (it has little bits of beets! i love it!) | 31 days of go w/ the flow (more on this soon!) | tackling small things each day (progress > perfect) | oyster (more on this later too) | emojiary (yes, its exactly what it sounds like. a daily diary on your phone written in EMJOIS) | going crazy shopping for healthy food at trader joes. and i mean crazy.

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