Monday, February 17, 2014

Things I've made Lately

Last semester of law school scores really awesome on the "having time to do things" scale. Most of my free time has been spent a. running; and b. cooking.

A few things I've been whipping up in the kitchen:

so sugary and awesome

They are amazing. this is my second time making these (first was for a patient's birthday at work), and seriously so good, so easy, only uses up a stick of butter, so awesome! thanks again megan!

and to counteract the cupcakes

yes one of them is almost heart shaped

these are seriously great. not too sweet, not too bland. don't taste detox-y at all. really just fantastic. I don't think I put enough orange zest in them, so they weren't super orange-y. next time I might try them with lemon because lemon blueberry is only the best combination ever.

photo cred: tracy, until I take my own. 
shutterbean's super spinach salad

love this salad from TJ's. Love it even more when I make it at home. the dressing is seriously phenomenal too -- and so easy to make! so very much like the carrot ginger dressing at all my favorite sushi restaurants.

cream of celery soup

had a whole thing of unused celery in my fridge about to go bad. So what do I do? Make soup of course! This soup is fantastic - especially with the bacon crumbled on top. yum.

using up that wilted kale

 and finally for breakfast this morning -- a powergreens breakfast skillet. i definitely overcooked the eggs, but I still ate it and enjoyed it, and now I know for next time! heads up for anyone making it though - your eggs need less time under the broiler than you think. 

Have you made anything super delicious lately?

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  1. I want to carboload with those cupcakes!