Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Training + Physical Therapy

So I'm marathon training again. I don't think I've mentioned that yet. I'm planning on running the kalamazoo marathon.

And this race training cycle I'm determined not to get injured.

So I'm doing PT. At ATI physical therapy. I'm in week 2. and so far so awesome.

not my actual place. but close.
During half marathon training #1, I ended up with a stress fracture, then a legit fracture.

During marathon training #1, I ended up with major shin pain that was present even when I wasn't running. So I shut running down, barely trained, but still ran the marathon.

I'm now in marathon training #2 and I refuse to get injured.

So I'm PT'ing, 3 days a week. Turns out my feet need some work. As does most of the muscles in  my legs. But we're working on it. and we're getting there, and I think it's good.

My exercises are a lot of things I've done - lunges, and resistance bands, and squats. but things I would probably never imagine would affect my running.

So it's good.

While running is still not pain free, I don't think I'm anywhere near "the i-word" which is so good.

I also have a half marathon coming up in less than two weeks!

I'm running the hot cocoa classic in Detroit on April 6th! I should be set for a PR, but you never know what will happen. My half times have been crazy close - within 10 minutes of each other, so i'd eventually like to break below that.

also excited to do a half that goes on belle isle! the race should be fun :)

So that's the running update.

I'll probably do a post on some of my exercises soon.

Ever been to PT? thought about it?

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