Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Marathon Training Week #2

Monday - Spin. First spinning class in Chi at GoCycle in Lincoln Park. Enjoyed it in general, but didn't push myself super hard. And no jumps? I don't really know why - it seemed a little weird, haha. Also not a lot of cues. It's no vie, but I enjoyed it a lot, and will stick around for the summer.

Tuesday - 5 miles AM run.
This one felt hard and it was likely because I pushed it hard. average pace: 8:15.

Wednesday - Hot yoga. Also my first hot yoga class in Chi. Went to CorePower Yoga in Roscoe Village (Lakeview). went to hot power fusion, a hot yoga class set to music with a little bit of vinyasa flow, but not a whole lot. I really enjoyed it, sweat a lot, which is always a good indication of a good workout. They have a bunch of locations all around chicago, which is kind of nice.

Also! Forgot to mention that I celebrated national running day by running the mile to yoga. So yay!

Thursday - OFF. Hadn't done a rest day since the previous Monday so I figured a day off wasn't going to kill me.

Friday - 4 miles AM. felt comfortable, but not gonna lie, it was a HARD run. average pace = 8:10

SO SWEATY AFTERWARD. Told myself I was going to do core work afterward, but the open shower was just too appealing. the best thing only good thing about summer runs is the cold shower afterward. and chi roomie LOVES to take sauna showers. and the sauna bathroom post run is not fun.

Saturday - yoga with weights

This was the first yoga class I went to where the instructor just was not good. I feel bad writing a negative review on the blog, so I'm not going to try and ID this in any way, but let me just say that the instructor was not enthusiastic, very monotone (and not in the good peaceful yoga way. in the "i don't really want to be here instructing you and let me act like i'm reading off cards" type of way). she stumbled over words, said um a lot, and was generally distracting as an instructor, rather than instructive. It was a good work out - I had never done yoga with weights before, but it also just wasn't the best class. still, stretched it out, did a little strength training, call it good.

Sunday - 9 miles long along the lakeshore.

I tried to take these miles easy, but I just can't push myself down past like 8:45's now. Which I guess I shouldn't really be complaining about.

My new goal for long runs is to do them without stopping. Spin has gotten my cardiovascular system very used to intervals. Now it's time to keep that heart rate up and keep moving. This run wasn't so bad - stopped a few times. bathroom around 3 miles, turn around at 4.5 miles, and one more time before it was all through.

Also first run with the hydration belt. see more thorough review in the running things post.

even foam rolled afterwards, and I wasn't really sore, so we'll call that an accomplishment.

Plan for this week:
Monday: spin
Tuesday: run 5
Wednesday: hot yoga
Thursday: run (tempo? yassos? who knows)
Friday: run 3 easy
Saturday: OFF
Sunday: run 6! its a cutback week baby!


  1. Love your blog name and am so excited that Chicago will be your first marathon as well! Perhaps we can meet up in the city. I might run the ZOOMA Chicago Half in August :)

    1. I'm actually signed up for zooma as well! planning to run as a training run, but still excited for it!

      we should definitely try and meet up!