Monday, June 24, 2013

Marathon Training Week #4

Monday – spin with the chi roomie! The same studio, same instructor, same jam. Forgot my HRM which I was bummed about. Because of that fact I don’t think I pushed as hard as I normally did. Plus my legs were sore from paddleboarding + a 6 miler. Still a great spin class overall. 50 min spin. 

Tuesday – Run 5. This was my first chi evening run and I LOVELOVELOVED it. The weather worked out in my favor to allow me a relatively cool evening run. I was speedy and pushed it hard. It was just a really fantastic, feel-good run. 5 miles/8:01 pace 

Wednesday – yoga with a different instructor and a different class format. I took Core Power 2 with Lindsey H and really enjoyed it. She had us do a flow sequence with a block between our thighs at the beginning to really focus on our legs. And it was so hard but so awesome. I also got to attempt crow, the one pose I’m most proud to accomplish. I’ve still got it. 60 min yoga.

Thursday – Thursday was a yasso morning. Did 3. The last one was quite a bit slower (unlike my consistent 3:40’s last week), but I’ll take it anyway. The first two were faster, so that is awesome. A good morning push-yourself run. 4.38 miles/3:35/3:33/3:49

Friday – afternoon run in ann arbor. I went back to Michigan for the weekend, and snuck in this run in between a conference call and evening plans with friends. It was hot and humid, so I told myself I could go as slow as I wanted, just run 3 miles. And I did. And it wasn't even that slow. 3 miles/8:15 pace

Saturday – OFF

Sunday – LR 10-miler at home. Went home Saturday evening, so the long run was in Dearborn. Took the Rouge River Trail to Hines Drive and then looped back. This was a weird, but totally satisfying run. It took me until mile 3 for my shins not to bother me. I was pretty much plodding along, which I think might have been part of the problem. I told myself I could go slow, because my long runs have been pretty fast, and I’m working off a cutback week. But I think I just went TOO slow. Around mile 3 I settled into the grove, and pulled off those negative splits. I managed to run without stopping (I think…) for the first 5.3, which was also a great thing.

Took my gu at that 5.3, and then headed back. No stomach troubles, all good.

The best part about this run was that every single person I passed said good morning, or smiled, or gave the nod. It was a morning of running camaraderie and I loved it. Too often in Ann Arbor and Chicago runners don’t acknowledge each other, and I don’t really get it. Maybe it’s the small neighborhood thing, maybe it’s the older runner crowd, I don’t really know. But it definitely made this long run a feel-good run. 10 miles/9:06 pace


  1. Come run in Boston! It seems that everyone here always waves or says hello - it's very motivating when runs are sucking.

    1. clearly i need to! i've actually never been to boston. a visit is definitely in order! :)