Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Marathon Training Week #3

Monday - 50 min spin. pushed it hard. the spin studio has one of those "leaderboards" where you can compare your effort to other people in the class, and my competitive streak kicked in and I wanted to be the best. I ended up around 3rd or 4th. Pretty happy with that.

Tuesday - 5 miles, AM run. Felt a little dehydrated, but got her done. 8:20 miles.

post five miler breakfast

Wednesday - hot yoga. This almost didn't happen. I came home, was starving, subsequently ate too much, and it was storming like crazy. But I put on my rain boats and goretex jacket, and headed out into the rain. Walked the mile to yoga in the storm, ended up in a class with 4 other people, and it was awesome. I really loved the wednesday night instructor.

Thursday - 3.5 miles AM. Should have been 4 but I woke up tired thanks to late night yoga. (yes, 8:45-9:45 is late night). Fast to finish it off.

Friday - SPEEDWORK. OMG YASSO'S for the first time and they were AWESOME. check out these splits:

7:22?! gah! I was aiming for 8:00's!

I mean, I only did 2 (i'm pretty sure you're technically supposed to start with like 4...), but I think my spin intervals/sprints/hill climbs really helped with this one. Apparently I am really good at kicking it up for "bursts of intensity" (I've been listening to too many jillian michaels podcasts)

Saturday - off, much needed after a night out in river north.

Sunday - 6 miles long. This was good. I'm glad it was only a 6 because it was hot and humid and it was so nice to turn around at 3 miles. Followed by an early morning trip to whole foods, and it was a good morning. 8:30 average, which i'll call pretty good in the heat.

pre (yes the dirt on my mirror makes my head look like its *sparkly*)

check out that sheen
 I also went paddle-boarding for the first time on Sunday. Which was crazy fun, and crazy hard. I just dont have the balance for that type of stuff. I stayed upright for a very short period of time before I resorted to kneeling, but my quads were SO sore afterwards. thumbs up experience and thumbs up work out, for sure. 

Game Plan

Mon: Spin - 50 min
Tues: Run 5
Wed: Hot yoga - 1 hr
Thurs: Run easy 3
Friday: Run yasso's! at least 3 this time!
Saturday: off
Sunday: Runday. 10 miles.

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