Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baking Cookies & Walking Dogs

On Monday night I had a baking extravaganza.

I needed to bake cookies for one of my letter of recc writers, as well as my fellow 2AM broomball players (it was an incentive for them to show up ;))

So I baked the classic Neiman Marcus Cookies (I promise this is the real recipe, that I got from the Neiman Marcus Website, although for some reason thats not loading now??) + unphotographed blondies (because i gave them all away before I photographed so I couldnt eat them myself!)

This ingredients image is actually quite misleading. I didn't use the maple syrup (some recipes call for corn syrup, others do not, mine did not), there was also a single egg involved in the cookie making process, and I used granulated sugar instead of the "sugar in the raw" in that pink tupperware container. oh and half of the cookies included walnuts

but close enough!

Pre-chips dough in the kitchenaid. LOVE

from raw....

to delicious.
these babies are SO good. I actually ate one for/with breakfast this morning.

Oops. ;)

Last week Friday was an afternoon spent at home laundering all my running clothes (i'm too picky and dont have enough of it to last more than a week or two). I also took the family pup for a walk with the DSLR. We had a good time ;)

oh sadie, you are my little gentle-lady :)


  1. My mom has the Hudson's (then Marshall Fields, now Macy's) cookbook. I should have her bring it to me when she visits. The cookies look awesome!

  2. haha I gotta say, that dog makes me think of Baxter from Anchorman ;)