Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Cold

So this cold is kicking my ass.

I'm pulling out the big guns in terms of cough suppressants and expectorants. I'm already registered for the Martian 5k this weekend, so I will definitely be running it. I just need to be able to breathe while I'm doing it!

When I made my post yesterday morning, there was quite a bit of coughing going on, but nothing I couldn't handle. That progressively got worse.

I'm trying to stick with as natural as possible, but sometimes you just got to give in modern medicine and whip out the big guns.

I've been pounding back lots of the aforementioned Yogi Tea Cold Season. Last night at target I picked up target brand zinc tablets and ricola mixed berry drops. And finally this morning - after a rough night filled with dreams inside dreams (hello inception) and waking up unable to breathe, I took a trip to the grocery store to do some real cold-fighting damage.

I picked up:


vitaminwater zero - squeezed lemonade (ZINC ZINC ZINC)

Hot & Sour Soup (even though the sodium in this baby is atrocious)

So hopefully, with all this, I'll be feeling better shortly.

Monday night I was able to make a delicious salad that has lasted me through Tuesday and will now be a perfect accompaniment to my Potbelly roast beef sandwich (roast beef has tons of zinc -- who knew!)

Inspired by the fitnessista, I made a chopped salad of cukes, grape tomatoes, chick peas, lemon, oil, S&P. so delicious.

whoops. not enough room in that bowl for the chick peas

much better!

this is so fresh tasting.  i love it.


  1. i love love love any salad with cucumbers and no lettuce.

    feel better!

  2. Yum, that salad looks divine! Also, echinecea will help your immune system kick in! Feel better.

  3. feel better!!! I've been fighting something off as well, ugh.