Monday, March 14, 2011

Goals and (self-purchased) Gifts

hey blogging world.

a new goal + a new purchase has brought me back to you all.

first, the purchase:

yes my lovely bloggie friends that is a canon rebel t1i.
i got an awesome deal on it at my favorite tarjay last thursday and I couldn't say no. i picked up the last one in the store, and i am so in love.

also, check out the awesome michigan law shirt

while i'm still learning how to use it, the photo quality is so much better than my crappy little point and shoot. i took it to the michigan hockey game (last game at yost of the year! so sad!) and the pictures are incredible.

oh canon rebel, currently nameless (but not for long), how i love you.

and the goal:

So see that nice event at the very bottom?

See this nice winter 2012 school schedule:

The Disney Princess Half Marathon 2012 is the first weekend of my spring break next winter.

Life goal?  here i come :)

I've actually started half-marathon training since I discovered the jogging track around the Norwegian Sky is freaking incredible at sunset. 
There's a few half's i'm considering for the summer, and if Admitted Students Weekend was any indication, Michigan Law should actually be pretty good for running support (I, and about 20 other prospective and current students def. went on a jogging tour of Ann Arbor (like I needed it) with Dean Z, head of admissions).

I'm excited to have a destination half-marathon on the horizon. It gives me a bit more to look forward to than just a half-marathon around southeastern Michigan.

And registration isn't until July-ish, so I do have some time to back out (although I'm hoping that since I've blogged about it, I won't actually back out).

Now training in December and January will totally suck balls.  But I think I can pull it off. It will def. require some hardcore winter running apparel, but I think it will be a worthy investment.

I have bunches more about UM Law admitted students weekend, running consistently again in general, and the new camera baby, but I'll save it for future blogs.

Disney Princess Marathon, February 25, 2012, Here I come.


  1. That's exciting girl! You can definitely do it. And I can't wait to see photos from your Rebel!

  2. Yay! I have a friend who has participated in the Princess Marathon the past couple years. Disney knows how to do it up with these things so you'll surely enjoy yourself :)