Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things I love Thursday - 3/31

So on this lovely Thursday I really could do a TiLT cold edition, but i pretty much did that yesterday, and i'm feeling much better this morning (although it could be thanks to that crazy extra strength mucinex i took before bed last night)

Also, check out my guest post over at Stacy's blog - Every Little Thing.

Weee I'm famous! Although it is a little silly that I have failed to write anything about nasty chemicals in my own blog despite that toxicology degree I'm working on. I'll get to it!

On to the themeless Things I Love Thursday

hello trader joe's knockoff girl scout cookies
(not as delicious as tag-a-long's but a good trans fat free sub)

i want to grow up and be her. and i LOVE that she promotes things like healthy eating. I own her recipe book - SkinnyGirl Dish and adore it! And Bethenny ever after is the best part of my Mondays. hilarious.

Michigan Hockey
these boys pulled through last weekend to make it the FROZEN FOUR
love them so much and hope they kick some North Dakota butt next Thursday ;)

image from mbeautylounge
Zoya's Gemma is definitely my Martian nail polish color for this weekend's 5k.
Yes, I coordinate my nail polish to race themes. be jealous.
Plus zoya nailpolish is extra fab because its free of several pretty harsh chemicals ( toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor) that are usually found in nail polish.

I am a tar-jay fiend. and when i went to buy my fancy rebel, i knew it was time to get the card that gives me 5% off all my target purchases.
While I was attempting to apply for the debit card, tarjay decided to give me, girl with zero credit whatsoever, a target credit card. Weeeeee, I'm in love.
it was the perfect encouragement to buy black swan on blu-ray. 
special 3 disc edition and 5% off? i'm in :)


  1. i found your blog via stacy's blog! i'm also living in ann arbor at the moment. we should have a blogger meet up sometime. :)

  2. girl you gotta be careful with that card! that would spell trouble in my wallet.

  3. I agree with Stacy - be careful with that card! I am jonesing for a Target card and have been for a while, but I refuse to get one because I know it's trouble for me, haha.

    I pretty much love Trader Joe's everything.