Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saturday's Long Run

So saturday was the oh-so-scary 5 miler. I haven't ran five miles in a long long time, and I was a little scared of such a high number, and such a long amount of time to be running.

Well, I definitely CONQUERED the 5 mile run.

I started out with an easy 2 miler with the roommate. We did a loop around our apartment and the river that runs near us, I stopped at home for a quick water break and to fix my heart rate monitor, and then headed out for the last three.

Well I, of course, ran too far, and the last three ended up being 3.82. So in total, I ran 5.82 miles. feeling so accomplished today! :) And in addition, I'm not at all scared for the 6 miler I have to run next weekend.

Things I learned from the run:

1. Running "long distance" (4-6 miles) is 70% mental, 30% physical ability. I think that if you can run 3, you can run five. You just have to be in the right mindset.
2. Running without a set path is best. Go where the "walk" signs take you. This is another reason why I love my Garmin. I dont need a set path -- I just need to run until that distance reads 5.00

Next time I'll have to bring my crappy little point&shoot so I can get some pictures.

I came home, did some stretching, took a trip to trader joe's and then made myself a pretty delicious (but ecletic) dinner.

I baked sweet poatoes using the "slow+low" method, and baked some trader joe's whole wheat pizza dough with pesto on top. delicious.

unfortunately no pictures, but I was too concerned with eating to actually take pictures. whoops!

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