Friday, January 2, 2015

2014 Favorites

Favorite Podcast: I have to be typical and say Serial, but before I started listening to Serial, it was definitely The Lively Show. And will probably be long-term The Lively Show. Because it is the one podcast I've listened to consistently. But I'm a lawyer. and Serial is insane. So if I'm being honest, I have to list it.

Favorite Album: It should come as no surprise that this one is Taylor Swift's 1989. Which I bought at Target the day it came out. And then bought a under-the-counter CD player/bluetooth system so that I could listen to it in my apartment, since my macbook air doesn't have a CD drive.

Favorite Item at Trader Joe's: Candy Cane Joe-Joe's. So good I dreamt about them last night. Why must they be seasonal? I have no idea. Non-seasonal item? Creamy Goat Cheese and Everything Bagels. Breakfast love.

Favorite Ann Arbor Restaurant: Aventura. For dinner, for brunch. Sava's new tapas venture was my go-to "going out" restaurant. Favorite dishes? Patatas Bravas, Churros, Coca Del Toque (brunch exclusive. totally worth it).

Patatas Bravas @ Aventura

Favorite App: Instagram. follow me and maizey.

Favorite Song: "Riptide" by Vance Joy.

Favorite Movie: The Fault in Our Stars. I sobbed, and loved it so much. As someone who's worked with children with life-threatening illnesses for the past 5 years, this book and movie completely told it like it is. I have never seen a more accurate portrayal.

Favorite Clothing Item: Madewell Sweatshirt Dress. Ordered on ebay since its not sold any more, and totally worth it.

Favorite Flower: Peonies

Favorite Skincare Product: Dr. Jardt Sleeping Facial + Lush's Let the Good Times Roll

Favorite Make Up Item: Beauty Blender

Favorite Race: Hot Cocoa Classic Half Marathon - April 6, 2014. Half Marathon PR. Failed to do a recap because I'm the worst. Whoops.

Favorite Craft: Finally finishing/really learning how to crochet. and by "crochet" I mean do a bunch of double crochets in a row, with limited turning, increasing, and slip stitching.

I successfully crocheted the following:

an infinity scarf

a much longer infinity scarf that loops around once for a little bulk

a headband

Favorite Blog: How Sweet Eats. 

Favorite Planner: Whitney English Day Designer
I've always been one of those people obsessed with planners. So when I found the whitney english day designer last year, despite already having a moleskine, I made the switch. and haven't looked back.

Favorite TV Show: this is hard. I just breezed through all 10 episodes of The Affair and loved it in the beginning, but that love kind of wavered by the end of it. I stopped watching a bunch of shows I used to watch this fall, including revenge and nashville, although i wouldn't be opposed to catching up on them. I just didn't make it a priority. I have still been watching "Modern Family" and "The Mindy Project," but haven't been loving them as much. I do still LOVE LOVE Parks and Recreation, and I think if it was on, it would be something I'd watch every week. I'm so sad it's ending. Also, this is everything.


  1. That T.Swift album is the best ever. And I've heard so much about the beauty sponge and want to try it!! What makes it better than just a regular blending sponge?

    1. Yes!! I've been listening to it all the time since I bought it and can't stop! it never gets old!

      I've never really used another blending sponge, but the beauty blender just makes my tinted moisturizer especially go on SO NICELY. its incredible.