Monday, August 15, 2011

Evaluating Goals

Hello August 15, 2011.

Hello mid-august.

Hello goal evaluation time.

1. develop impeccable habits.

this has actually been going super well. after august 3rd, I have worn my retainer every night, as well as clarisonic+moisturizer (well minus a few nights away from home where i resorted to yes to cucumber face wipes, but i think this is an acceptable substitute). the only thing i haven't been great about is face masks, and cleaning my clarisonic like i should. also making sure to soak my retainer in baking soda (super gross i know. i am full of TMI on this blog) things to work on!

stats: retainer: 12/14 nights
clarisonic+moisturizer: 26/28 opportunities

2. run smart

this has been totally accomplished thus far, but i do have increasing mileage and runs/week to worry about, and need to keep in mind that i am not yet a speed demon and CANNOT push myself too hard.

goals for the last two weeks: keep runs around 9-10 min mile pace.
try to stick to the plan, but be flexible if necessary
x-train, x-train, x-train

3. read more

finished the 8th pretty little liars book "Wanted" (which really shouldn't even count, but I don't care), and have been pushing through "the girl who kicked the hornet's nest" ever since. I hate getting to the end of series - i always want to drag it out (see Pushing Daisies, Friday Night Lights, and Gilmore Girls. All of which I have yet to watch the series finales of, despite them being some of my favorite shows). Not sure if it counts, but I'm on disc 10 of 13 of omnivore's dilemma, which i am loving. Michael Pollan, you rock. Also working on Kara Goucher's Running For Women, which I'm also enjoying. expect a "things learned from Ms. Goucher" list soon :)

4. cook more

this has not happened at all. so now i need to get 7 meals and 3 baked goods in. crap.

super easy recipe suggestions please?

5. make a budget

haven't touched this yet. sort of problematic. must do asap.

are you a goal-setter? if so, what are your goals?


  1. The series finale of GG sort of made up for how not-as-good-as-it-could've-been finale season. I'm still holding out for a movie. (Holding out for a movie for Veronica Mars too...)

  2. watch for my meal plans! hopefully starting this week.

    also, i can't believe it's mid-august :O

  3. What does baking soda do for the retainer? You just soak it in baking soda and water?

  4. I am completely a goal setter! Very much the same way. Goals currently - read more fiction while I can this year, get published (research), qualify for boston, believe in my running abilities more, learn to cook.