Friday, August 12, 2011

sweaty varieties

Wednesday morning I went out for another easy walk/run combo. I upped my "running-without-stopping" distance to .75 miles (we're getting crazy over here), and just went out there and got it done.

I brought my camera along for fun, and snapped a few pictures throughout the run.

AM temps were perfect for this baby, by the way. Under 70 to start out with. perfect!

track/park entrance

pool! where i do all my oh so fun 2000m swims!

good morning world!

Post run, I came back home and decided to take the pup for a quick walk around the neighborhood to up my walking time.

hi sadie!

 I then proceeded to wear this outfit to target and sports authority, because I knew I was planning on swimming later in the day and didn't want to shower, swim, and then shower again. All about efficiency people!

also made my favorite smoothie of late - choco sun warrior, soy milk, raspberries, banana.

I did 1500m in the pool later on Wednesday, and then called it a day.

pool again!
Yesterday I attempted to swim as well, but found that there was some event going on at the pool where they removed the lane markers and there was a TON of small children. nope, not dealing with that. 

So i went to on demand and had a date with ms. jillian michaels.

For this being a "at home cardio" work out, I am pretty damn sore this morning. damn you jillian michaels. Had to do a few modifications with this one - was not doing mountain climbers with my healing foot, tyvm. but for the most part I kept up, pushed hard, and felt like I got a super serious work out. AWESOME.

And now I'm off to lululemon yoga!

what have you done to sweat lately?


  1. Woohoo!!

    That Jillian Michaels stuff is NO JOKE.

  2. i think jillian's dvds are way more effective than anything i'd ever do at the gym. homegirl is a BEAST. try no more trouble zones if you haven't already. 40 minutes of weights. insanity.