Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - 8/18

Things I Love Thursday - 8/18 edition

Gel manicures
This baby is 2 weeks out and still going strong despite harsh hospital soap and cleaners, opening paint, and swimming in chlorinated water a TON. I'm sold.

lululemon's triumph tote
picked this baby up at the lululemon ann arbor showroom last week and i'm OBSESSED. purchased as a gym bag, then realized that it will not hold any of the swim things i would need to tote with me if i were to swim with it, so it may become just an every day bag, but we'll see. 

this has been questionable lately - i had a rough run monday night with too much foot pain to continue running. so zero activity tuesday, and today i tested it out. RUNNING SUCCESS. i majorly slowed down the pace on this one and resorted back to .75 miles as maximum without walking distance. compromises i can take for a pretty much pain free run. and i'm only losing about a mile if i continue to stick with the training plan. i'd be more than happy with 9 for the week :) 

And finally for your viewing pleasure:

meet mogley (pronounced mowgli like in the jungle book), my brother's gf's pup who i had the pleasure of pup-sitting on saturday night. i'm so in love.

tried to get pictures of him, and failed (don't know how to work my rebel well enough), so i resorted to the photobooth video. awesomesauce.

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  1. I have always wanted to try gel nails. And guess what...I own nothing Lululemon!!! I guess I should start, as everyone seems to love it...

    Love the name Mogley for a pup!