Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Training August 15-August 21

Training - Week of August 15-August 21


This was my first attempted mile/mile run. except I didn't run it that way. I tried going by time - walk 10 minutes, run 10 minutes. my poor previously broken metatarsal was not feeling this. As soon as I busted into mile 2, there was pain. I ran a little bit, seeing if it would go away - nope, no pain reduction. So I resigned myself to walking home, cutting the run down and taking tuesday as a serious rest day.

running distance: 2 1.57
walking distance: 1.58


serious business rest day. Was not feeling good about the foot, so did zero physical activity after being up on my feet all day at work.


made my way to the pool in the afternoon - 2000m following Meghan's modified pace swim workout.

warmup: 250 easy
200 kickboard

base set:

3 x 100 @ 2:30
3 x 100 @ 2:25
3 x 100 @ 2:10

250 yds w/ pull buoy
8 x 10 @ 1:15

attempted to bust out the timer (aka garmin) on these, but the garmin was of course dead. resorted to simply increasing effort on the base ones - which i did. so i'll call it a success. was definitely out of breath by the end of the base - which is good news.

attempt at running #2! Resorted back to the .75 mile walk/.75 mile run just to be safe. Run went well - kept the pace super easy and it resulted in a running success. always good!

running distance: 1.5 miles
walking distance: 2.75 miles


unscheduled 10 hour work day, so i did that, ate at zingerman's roadhouse, went out for drinks at raven's club and failed on the physical activity front.


1 hour yoga @ lululemon ann arbor showroom.

run #3! finally ran a mile at a time and it was a total success. back to all grass running, and it was all good.

running distance: 2 miles
walking distance: 2.4 miles


super shopping - counts as physical activity right?


repeat of friday's run, except change the location - ran in the arb in ann arbor.

.5 mile walking
1 mile run
1 mile walk
1 mile run
.5 mile walk


also rocked the sub ten minutes miles - barely. mile 1: 9:59, mile 2: 9:55

running distance: 2 miles
walking distance: 2 miles

scheduled miles: 10
actual miles: 7

I'm okay with this lower-than-planned mileage. I ran a decently speedy mile this morning (~9:30) with zero pain, so I think I'm totally ready to graduate to 1.5 miles and I am so excited. I think I just need to give myself a little leeway, and back off the jillian michaels cardio that involves lots of jumping and pressure on the foot bones.

how was your week?

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  1. Shopping is for sure cardio. not only do you have to walk from store to store, try on things, carry bags (aka weights), the prospect of buying something awesome or getting a steal gets the heart rate up for sure. I need to wear a heart rate monitor on my next trip to Bloomingdale's!