Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Somehow it’s august already. No clue how this happened, but what it means two things:

1. I can run today! Run meaning walk half a mile walk half a mile and pray that my foot doesn’t give me any trouble, but running! Life is good.
2. In 36 days I’ll be starting law school.

So with these big impending changes, I’m making some august goals.

Goal 1: Develop impeccable habits.

This was one of my new years resolutions, and while I’m doing much better than a year ago, I’m still not where I’d like to be. So here it goes – in tangibles.

Face regimen (clarisonic+moisturizer) 90% of the time (56/62 opportunities)
Retainer 80% of nights (25/31 nights)
Face mask once a week (4/4 weeks)

Goal 2: Run smart

This is a vow to not push myself too hard too fast and re-break my foot.
I have half marathon #2 on the calendar, but there is no guarantee that I will actually run it. And that’s how Im going to approach it.
No running faster than a 9:30-10:00 minute mile for the first 2 weeks.
Keep it around nine for the last two weeks.
There will be a more in depth training plan to come, but this is the big important stuff now.

Goal 3: Read 5 books

Including two on the law school’s recommended reading list.

Goal 4: cook more
turkey tacos from saturday night! so good!
7 new meals and 3 new baked goods are on the agenda.

Goal 5: Create a budget
This is the first time I'm taking out a whole slew of student loans, and I've kind of been living the high life lately with no rent and a paycheck every two weeks with little expenses. (see marc jacobs watch and designer jeans shopping). Make a budget for the school year and stick to it!

Do you have any goals for august?


  1. Goals are good. I suck at them, but they're nice to have ;).

    Yay for your return to running!!!

  2. no kidding!? A runner and law school student, sounds just like me 3 years ago (I started law school in 2007....I guess that makes it four years ago. yikes!).

    I remember being so afraid that I wouldn't have time to run when Law School started. Turns out I ran more than ever. It was the best escape. Best of luck! mind if I ask where you are going? at least city?

    p.s.: don't read those "recommended" reading books. Trust me. All you will do for the next 3 years is read about the law, enjoy these last few weeks without it.

  3. Hey there. It's Vanessa (idyllic_joy from SG on LJ) and I think I'll be reading your blog more often! I like how you put some thought into it and how you like to go running too! Good luck on your runs! ;)

    Vanessa at Project Zen