Sunday, August 7, 2011

Running Again!

So I'm running again.

and it feels SO GOOD.

My first run out was of course on august first (did you really expect anything less?). After a long day at work, I headed out around 8:30 for an easy walk/run combo.

In middle school I ran track, mostly because at that age it was a social thing to play sports with your friends (high school sports are just too competitive for the semi-athletically challenged like myself). Our middle school track was (and still is) pretty sad, so our warm up was always 2 laps around the fence - aka the football and soccer fields. Somehow the fence works out to be almost exactly half a mile. So that's what I did.

And guess what? ZERO PAIN. running felt good, I kept it slow, half a mile at a time, and I rocked it.

rocking the hot pink compression socks, tempos, and skinnyrunner tee!
Run #2 happened Friday morning. I was out of town Tuesday and Wednesday night, so zero runs then, and I had plans come up for Thursday night, so it was a swimming day (the summer heat limiting my runs to early AM or right before sunset is a bummer), but Friday morning I was up early to go for run #2.

Run #2 was great as well. I realized I could use the lap function on my garmin to get splits for running and walking, and ran a teensy bit faster to see how it would go. Same setup as monday: walk .5, run .5, but friday's run ended with .25 on sidewalk - something I hadn't done yet.

Although there's a little discomfort in my foot occasionally, I think for the most part I'm good. Tonight? Run in the arb. This girl cannot wait.

I have an extremely tenative training plan for the rest of august, to get me to the point where I can run the detroit free press half on october 16.

I have no set days of the week for this training events, and I'm just kind of seeing how it goes.
My swimming is limited to Wed-Sat for the month, but everything else I'm pretty flexible with.

Also contemplating the incorporation of water jogging into this baby. Kind of scary right?
I'm also contemplating how I can increase my swimming -- because I'm seriously falling in love. It may lose some of its appeal once I'm indoor swimming, and incorporating it into my class schedule, but we'll see!


  1. the SR shirt is so cute on you! yay for being back in the running game! i know how exciting, but also nerve-racking (re-injury fear) that must be! home august goes great.

  2. Glad the running is going well! Super cute t-shirt too.

  3. wahoooo! you look adorable in the skinny runner tee and tempo shorts! i want one now!