Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Exciting Happenings

Exciting happening over here people! :)

first things first -- law school is creeping up very quickly. This is the first week where I've actually had thoughts like "oh crap, i should pack" or "maybe its time to read law school confidential and figure out how to approach his bad boy"

monday night one of my very first law school friends (who i randomly met this summer), moved into her house, and i attended a pretty big 1L meet-up at dominick's - quite possibly my favorite place for drinks in ann arbor.

the syllabi are being posted, books have been procured, and orientation starts next monday. holy crap.

these are not even all of my books. eff.

#2 thing: i have been a michigan student for 5 years now, and when it came time to order football tickets I was stuck with the dilemma of "use my 5 years of seniority to my advantage and not join the michigan law football group, for which over 75% have probably not had michigan football tickets before or join the 1L group and hope that the rumors that 1L's have badass seats was right." well i went with the latter, and these babies were delivered to me today:

yes it does say row 4

HELL YES. look for me on tv behind the endzone bitches.

#3 thing: Saturday's shopping involved me stumbling upon a new pair of shoes that I fell in love with. since my current frees are racking up the mileage, and I am staying away for the VFF's for the time being, I thought a new pair of free's wasn't a bad investment.

so while i didn't buy them in store on Saturday, I did buy them online on sunday, were shipped out of the ohio store monday, and arrived at my front door tuesday. sometimes, i do appreciate ohio (just not most of the time).

box 1
box 2
hello shoes

love love love

i'm always a sucker for livestrong, and the pink laces are just so darn cute. i'm sold.

#4 thing: i made another swimming purchase today. yes it is getting out of control, but unless i decide i really want another suit and i am done for a while. i swear.

if i want to swim intervals, i need a waterproof watch. so i bought one.

target. $30 + my 5% REDcard discount. baller.

love that it is purple, and is the ironman brand.

#5 thing: i made myself breakfast this morning (and by morning i mean 11, because i didn't drag my ass out of bed until 10) and it was AWESOME

english muffin, tomato, hard boiled egg, daiya fake mozzarella

#6 things: tomorrow is going to be awesome because:
i'm getting my hair cut.
my new lululemon zip up is coming in the mail
i'm going to ann arbor.


  1. CONGRATS on the tickets! That is so exciting. I definitely never got that close.

  2. you need a puppy! (:
    yay football! i have endzone tickets for our first game of the season...hopefully after all the upset we don't lose /: